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      Products Services
      NINGBO SMART specializes in the production and sales of bulk active
      pharmaceutical ingredients and its intermediates
      Pharmaceutical bulks
      Pharmaceutical bulks
      Pharmaceutical intermediates
      Pharmaceutical intermediates
      Products under development
      Products under development
      Chemical Synthesis & Contract
      Chemical Synthesis & Contract
      About Smart
      Incorporated in 1991, Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (“SMART PHARMA”) is a modern and integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is engaged in research, production and sales of various APIs and intermediates. SMART PHARMA is situated in NINGBO, China on a 20,000m2 building area with convenient transportation links. Among others, the company′s main products include Mefenamic Acid, Diclofenac Sodium, Methocarbamol, Guaifenesin , Mequitazine, Mephenoxalone and Indolinone. With an eye on market demand, SMART PHARMA focuses on both innovation and development strategies, placing great emphasis on the training of its personnel. The company′s R&D team undertakes the tasks of researching and developing new products and OEM chemical materials.

      Establishment of the company


      built-up area


      Have employees


      Have employees

      Products and services
      Products and services >
      NINGBO SMART specializes in the production and sales of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients and its intermediates...
      QEHS Systerm
      QEHS Systerm >
      Biochemistry treatment wastewater; Daily treatment capability of wastewater: 200t/day; Pollutant treating rate at 95%...
      GMP >
      We strictly follow the Chinese GMP and ICHQ7 regulations in both production and quality management. With the effort...
      Ningbo SmartPharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
      In order to further develop the international market, the company is actively preparing to apply for FDA / EDQM license for some raw materials
      Contact us


      Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd(Sales Dept)
      Mobile:139 5784 1334
      E-mail: carolyn@smart-pharm.com?
      Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd(Purchasing Dept)
      Tel: 0574-86235711
      E-mail: lxh@smart-pharm.com
      Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd(HR Dept)
      Add:NO.1, YiCheng Road, XiaoGang, Beilun District, Ningbo, China ?
      Post Code:315803
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